About NRG

"I have to say this was by far the best performance yet by NRG - wow! Each year I wonder how you're going to top the previous year and each year you pull it off! Amazing!"

- First Allied Securities, Inc.

"Every time I work with NRG, they bring the house down."


"I would like to thank you for the immensely fantastic performance you and NRG provided for all those in attendance. You never let up and gave your performance everything you could possibly have given. You lit up the crowd as I knew you would. It was a pleasure to work with NRG."

- San Diego Bar Association Auxiliary and Philanthropies

NRG is a uniquely distinct entertainment company with unmatched talent, showmanship, business professionalism, and long standing experience. They have been performing worldwide for over a decade. NRG covers an enormous range of musical styles, offers continuous entertainment, customized theme shows, and configurations for every type of event, large or small.